David Sylvian 'Gone To Earth' 2LP reissue


David Sylvian 'Gone To Earth' 2LP reissue


David Sylvian - ‘Gone To Earth’ double vinyl LP reissue.

Tracklisting -

Side A

Taking The Veil (4:40)

Laughter and Forgetting (2:40)

Before The Bullfight (9:40)

Gone To Earth (3:06)

Side B

Wave (9:11)

River Man (4:54)

Silver Moon (6:10)

Side C

The Healing Place (5:35)

Answered Prayers (3:01)

Where The Railroad Meets The Sea (2:52)

The Wooden Cross (5:04)

Silver Moon Over Sleeping Steeples (2:22)

Side D

Camp Fire: Coyote Country (3:51)

A Bird Of Prey Vanishes Into A Bright Blue Cloudless Sky (3:16)

Home (4:33)

Sunlight Seen Through Towering Trees (3:02)

Upon This Earth (6:25)

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