Mavis Staples 'Live In London' 2LP


Mavis Staples 'Live In London' 2LP


Mavis Staples - ‘Live In London’ double vinyl LP.

Tracklisting -

Disc 1 - Side A

1. Love And Trust (Live)

2. Who Told You That (Live)

3. Slippery People (Live)

4. What You Gonna Do Intro (Live)

5. What You Gonna Do (Live)

Disc 1 - Side B

1. Take Us Back (Live)

2. You're Not Alone (Live)

3. No Time For Cryin' (Live)

4. Can You Get to That (Live)

Disc 2 - Side A

1. Let's Do It Again (Live)

2. Dedicated (Live)

3. We're Gonna Make It (Live)

4. Encore: Happy Birthday (Live)

5. Touch A Hand (Live)

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