Pete Spiby 'Failed Magician' 2LP

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Pete Spiby Failed.jpg
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Pete Spiby 'Failed Magician' 2LP


Pete Spiby - ‘Failed Magician’ double vinyl.

Tracklisting -


1. Lightning Bolt.

2. Bible Studies.

3. Friday Night (just died in Saturday morning's arms)

4. We Used To Be Friends.

5. Why Not Let Them Come.

6. Wrap You Round My Little Finger.

7. Guiding Light.

8. Mary Lou's Dawg

9. Working For Mary Jane.

10. Thrown To The Wolves.


1. Guiding Lite Blues

2. Mary Lou's Dawg (came back).

3. Why Not Let Them Come Again.

4. We Used To Be friends (slight return).

5. Thrown To The Blues.

6. Lightning Bolt Blues.

7. Mary Jane Blues.

8. Bible Study Blues.

9. Mary Jane Blues.

10. Friday Night Blues

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