Shit & Shine 'That’s Enough' 12'' EP

shit & shine thats enough_Launch121.jpg
shit & shine thats enough_Launch121.jpg

Shit & Shine 'That’s Enough' 12'' EP


Shit & Shine - 'That’s Enough' vinyl 12'' EP on the Rocket Recordings label.

This EP is exclusively available from indie stores like us.

Tracklisting -

1. That’s Enough (19:50)
2. The Worst (8:42)
3. I Like You Betty (10:10)

For the uninitiated, the Austin based band Shit & Shine have been creating mutant, repetitive, technofied noise for labels such as Mego, Riot Season, Gang Signs, Load and the afore mentioned Diagonal since 2004. It is always hard to describe exactly what each Shit & Shine release sounds like as they are a band who treats each record as it’s own entity and so their sound changes dependant on their mood at the time of making it, but whatever that mood is, it will always be something thrilling and uniquely original. The three tracks on ‘That’s Enough’ EP (that clock in at just under 40 minutes) ‘sort of’ sound like what would happen if The Necks got trapped in a lift with the Butthole Surfers and Schwefelgeb for 12 hours. And after they manage to get out, the Australian 3-piece return to their studio to discover their instruments have been stolen and replaced by some fuzzy synths and a laptop - the resulting music they would make could possibly sound something like this...or in fact, maybe nothing like this?

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