Small Faces 'Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake' ltd coloured 3LP box set


Small Faces 'Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake' ltd coloured 3LP box set


Small Faces ‘Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake’ (50th Anniversary) Limited red, white and bue triple 180g vinyl box set with deluxe booklet.

Newly remastered and cut half-speed.

Both mono and stereo versions included in this box set.

Please note that we will only sell 1 copy per customer/household on this release, multiple orders will be cancelled.

Tracklisting -

DISC 1 (mono)

A1. Ogdens` Nut Gone Flake

A2. Afterglow

A3. Long Agos And Worlds Apart

A4. Rene

A5. Song Of A Baker

A6. Lazy Sunday

B1. Happiness Stan

B2. Rollin` Over

B3. The Hungry Intruder

B4. The Journey

B5. Mad John

B6. Happydaystoytown

DISC 2 (stereo)

C1. Ogdens` Nut Gone Flake

C2. Afterglow

C3. Long Agos And Worlds Apart

C4. Rene

C5. Song Of A Baker

C6. Lazy Sunday

D1. Happiness Stan

D2. Rollin` Over

D3. The Hungry Intruder

D4. The Journey

D5. Mad John

D6. Happydaystoytown


E1. Ogdens` Nut Gone Flake (early session version - mono)

E2. Afterglow (alt USA mix)

E3. Long Agos And Worlds Apart (alt USA mix - stereo)

E4. Rene, The Dockers` Delight (early session mix)

E5. Song Of A Baker (alt USA mix - stereo)

E6. Lazy Sunday (alt USA mix - stereo)

E7. Every Little Bit Hurts (early session mix - mono)

F1. Happiness Stan (backing track - mono)

F2. Bun In The Oven (early session mix)

F3. The Fly (take 4 - Instrumental version - stereo)

F4. Mad John (take 7 - backing track - mono)

F6. Happydaystoytown (alt USA mix - stereo)

F7. Kamikhazi (take 7 - backing track - mono)

F8. Ogdens` Nut Gone Flake (alt take - phased mix - stereo)

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