Starcrawler 'Starcrawler' limited white vinyl LP


Starcrawler 'Starcrawler' limited white vinyl LP


Starcrawler - 'Starcrawler' limited white vinyl LP.

This white vinyl edition is exclusively available from indie stores like ours.

Tracklisting -

1. Train
2. Love’s Gone Again
3. I Love LA
4. Different Angles
5. Chicken Woman
6. Pussy Tower
7. Full of Pride
8. Let Her Be
9. Tears
10. What I Want

STARCRAWLER are a Los Angeles rock band who formed in 2015 when 18-year-old lead vocalist Arrow de Wilde first met guitarist Henri Cash at their Echo Park high school. Shortly thereafter they were joined by the rhythm section of Austin Smith (drums) and Tim Franco (bass). The foursome play with squalling riffs and thundering beats, and their incendiary live shows, fronted by de Wilde’s otherworldly magnetism, are truly captivating.

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