Swans 'The Great Annihilator' 2LP reissue

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Swans 'The Great Annihilator' 2LP reissue


Swans 'The Great Annihilator' double vinyl LP reissue with full album download code.

Tracklisting -

Side A - 
1. In
2. I Am The Sun
3. She Lives
4. Celebrity Lifestyle
Side B - 
1. Mother_Father
2. Blood Promise
3. Mind/Body/Light/Sound
4. My Buried Children
Side C - 
1. Warm
2. Alcohol The Seed
3. Killing For Company
4. Mother's Milk
Side D - 
1. Where Does A Body End?
2. Telepathy
3. The Great Annihilator
4. Out

The Great Annihilator, originally released in 1995 and described at the time as “…a majestic symphony of haunting melodies and shifting moods” [SF Bay Guardian], will be released on double vinyl. The vinyl (in the form of a download code) will also feature Drainland, Michael Gira’s debut solo album recorded at the same time as The Great Annihilator.

The album was entirely remastered by Doug Henderson, but only after Bill Rieflin (“honorary Swan“a revelation of great sonic effect”. Talking about the recording, Gira said “I lived in a tent in a mosquito infested studio right next to Cabrini Green in Chicago for what (?) something like 3 months, rarely leaving. Band members and Jarboe and Bill Rieflin etc came and went, and somehow we crafted this thing into what it became.”

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