Cheatahs 'Mythologies' 2LP


Cheatahs 'Mythologies' 2LP

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Cheatahs - 'Mythologies' double vinyl LP with full album download code.

Tracklisting -

A1. Red Lakes (Sternstuden)

A2. Channel View

A3. In Flux

B1. Freak Waves

B2. Signs To Lorelei

B3. Hey, Sen

B4. Deli Rome

C1. Colorado

C2. Supra

C3. Seven Sisters

D1. 紫 (Murasaki)

D2. Mysteci

D3. Reverie Bravo

Recorded over the past year and in hand with their debut, ‘Mythologies’ takes in a vast array of influences whilst taking its name from Roland Barthes’ 1957 collection of essays on semiotics and myth. A rollercoaster of sonic thrills - the cinematic widescreen brilliance of ‘Channel View’, the motoric rhythms of ‘In Flux’, the cascading sonic beauty of ‘Freak Waves’ or the scintillating beauty of‘Seven Sisters’ and‘Signs To Lorelei’ before the seismic surge finale of album closers ‘Mysteci’ and‘Reverie Bravo’, it’s a marked and ambitious departure….

As the band says: “We had no permanent base whilst making this album and creating it in so many varied locations undoubtedly influenced us in a positive sense. We felt very nomadic and the sense of freedom inspired us to experimentation.”

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