Chris Carter 'Chemistry Lessons Volume 1' coloured vinyl 2LP

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Chris Carter 'Chemistry Lessons Volume 1' coloured vinyl 2LP


Chris Carter - 'Chemistry Lessons Volume 1' coloured double vinyl LP (disc 1: 'frost bite', disc 2: 'ash grey').

Tracklisting -

1. Blissters
2. Tangerines
3. Nineteen 7
4. Cernubicua
5. Pillars of Wah
6. Modularity
7. Field Depth
8. Moon Two
9. Durlin
10. Corvus
11. Tones Map
12. Dust & Spiders
13. Gradients
14. Lab Test
15. Shildreke
16. Uysring
17. Ghosting
18. Noise Floor
19. Post Industrial
20. Rehndim
21. Roane
22. Time Curious Glows
23. Ars Vetus
24. Hobbs End
25. Inkstain

Seventeen years on from his last solo release, the twenty-five tracks collected on Chris Carter’s Chemistry Lessons Volume One (CCCL Volume 1) were the product of six years spent working on solo material in the Norfolk home studio he shares with Cosey Fanni Tutti. CCCL Volume 1 reinforces Carter’s significant but often under-appreciated role in the development of electronic music - a journey that for Carter started ahead of his work with Throbbing Gristle (alongside Cosey, Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson and Genesis Breyer P-Orridge), and continued through Chris & Cosey, Carter Tutti, Carter Tutti Void as well as his own solo and collaborative releases under his own name. Here you will find music with a distinctly futuristic leaning, with insistent melodic patterns and a distinct sense of wonderment at the limitless possibilities of science.

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