Cold Pumas 'The Hanging Valley' LP

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Cold Pumas 'The Hanging Valley' LP


Cold Pumas - 'The Hanging Valley' 180g vinyl LP with full album download code.

Tracklisting -

A1 Slippery Slopes     
A2 Open Mouth Of Dusk     
A3 A Change Of Course     
A4 Severed Estates     
A5 A Human Pattern     
B1 The Slump     
B2 The Shaping Of The Dream     
B3 Fugue States     
B4 Murmur Of The Heart

The long-awaited follow-up to 2012’s best-in-show 'Persistent Malaise' offers at least 33.3% of its buffet to shimmering, inward, mulch-heavy ballads — ‘A Change of Course’, ‘The Shaping of the Dream’, ‘Murmur of the Heart’ — showing a sensitivity that inevitably does nothing for the craft beer revolution. If truth be told, the remaining 66.6% threatens to look equally indifferent when served on a wooden board or beside a miniature stainless steel plant pot of hand-cut triple-cooked fries, but such is life.

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