Crass 'Best Before' 2LP reissue

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Crass 'Best Before' 2LP reissue


Crass - ‘Best Before’ double vinyl LP reissue.

Tracklisting -

A1 Do They Owe Us A Living? 1:51

A2 Major General Despair 1:16

A3 Angela Rippon 1:01

A4 Reality Asylum 6:37

A5 Shaved Women 4:41

A6 Bloody Revolutions 6:18

B1 Nagasaki Nightmare 8:23

B2 Big A Little A 6:13

B3 Rival Tribal Rebel Revel 3:09

C1 Sheep Farming In The Falklands 5:19

C2 How Does It Feel? 4:24

C3 The Immortal Death 3:58

C4 Don't Tell Me You Care 3:34

C5 Sheep Farming In The Falklands 3:53

D1 Gotcha 3:03

D2 You're Already Dead 4:27

D3 Nagasaki Is Yesterday's Dogend 2:00

D4 Don't Get Caught 3:10

D5 Smash The Mac 4:00

D6 Do They Owe Us A Living? 1:29

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