Frankie Cosmos 'Vessel' limited blue vinyl LP

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Frankie Cosmos 'Vessel' limited blue vinyl LP


Frankie Cosmos - 'Vessel' limited translucent blue coloured vinyl LP with full album download code.

This coloured 'Loser' edition is exclusively available from indie stores like us.

Tracklisting -

1. Caramelize
2. Apathy
3. As Often as I Can
4. This Stuff
5. Jesse
6. Duet
7. Accommodate
8. I'm Fried
9. Hereby
10. Ballad of R & J
11. Ur Up
12. Being Alive
13. Bus Bus Train Train
14. My Phone
15. Cafeteria
16. The End
17. Same Thing
18. Vessel

Frankie Cosmos has taken several different shapes since their first full-band album, 2014’s Zentropy, erupted in New York’s DIY music scene. For Vessel, the third studio album by the indie pop outfit, the band’s lineup comprises multi-instrumentalists David Maine, Lauren Martin, Luke Pyenson, and Kline. The album’s 18 tracks employ a range of instrumentations and recording methods not found on the band’s prior albums, while maintaining the succinctly sincere nature of Kline’s songwriting.

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