The Cavemen 'The Cavemen' red vinyl LP reissue


The Cavemen 'The Cavemen' red vinyl LP reissue


The Cavemen - 'The Cavemen' 180g blood red coloured vinyl LP reissue with two bonus tracks on the Dirty Water label.

Tracklisting -

A1. Mentally Ill
A2. Fuck For Hate
A3. Stand By Your Ghoul
A4. Scumbag
A5. Rides With The Reich
A6. Rock 'n' Roll Retard
B1. At The Pub
B2. Fucked In The Head
B3. Drink Drivin'
B4. School Sucks
B5. Crimes Tonight
B6. Glass Breakfast
B7. Trash Talkin' Paint Huffin' Girl
B8. Juvenile Delinquent
B9. Swamp Thing

Transplanted Kiwi London garage punk miscreants reissue debut LP on blood red vinyl.

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