DJ Taye 'Still Trippin' 2LP

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DJ Taye 'Still Trippin' 2LP


DJ Taye - 'Still Trippin' double vinyl LP.

Tracklisting -

A1. 2094
A2. Trippin’
A3. Need It (ft DJ Manny)
A4. Smokeout (ft DJ Lucky)
A5. Same Sound (ft Odile Myrtil)
B1. 9090
B2. Anotha4 (ft DJ Manny)
B3. Bonfire (ft DJ Paypal)
B4. The Matrixx (ft DJ Manny)
C1. Get It Jukin’ (ft Chuck Inglish)
C2. Pop Drop (ft DJ Paypal)
C3. Gimme Some Mo (ft UNIIQU3)
D1. Truu (ft DJ Paypal)
D2. Closer
D3. I’m Trippin’
D4. I Don’t Know (ft Fabi Reyna)

100% committed to pushing further the potential of the footwork template, Still Trippin’ is ambitious in its range and scope. Taking two years to formulate, the record broadens the possibilities of the sound, forcing it to adapt to songwriting, and also revives Taye’s talent for MCing and producing beats to which he can rap and sing. Furthermore Taye definitely ups the ante with his complex and precise drum programming, never losing sight of footwork’s ability to confound.

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