Don Broco 'Technology' 2LP

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Don Broco 'Technology' 2LP


Don Broco - 'Technology' 140g black double vinyl LP in gatefold sleeve.

Tracklisting -

A1. Technology
A2. Stay Ignorant
A3. T-Shirt Song
A4. Come Out To LA
B1. Pretty
B2. The Blues
B3. Tightrope
B4. Everybody
B5. Greatness
C1. Porkies
C2. Got To Be You
C3. Good Listener
D2. Something To Drink
D3. Blood In The Water (bonus track)
D4. Potty Mouth (bonus track)

“Technology is a reaction to our last record, Automatic,” explains Don Broco frontman Rob Damiani. “We wrote that album as a test of our songwriting abilities to see what makes a traditionally well-crafted song. For this record, it didn’t have to make sense to feel good as we still wrote ‘songs’. We wanted to keep ourselves on our toes.”
That was the goal behind Don Broco’s third studio album, yet the result is something much more than just an inventive, constantly surprising album. Filtering their charismatic ‘80s pop-inflected rock seamlessly, almost restlessly, through metal, funk and electronics, it also happens to the best of their career. Since forming in 2008, Don Broco – completed by guitarist Simon Delaney, drummer/vocalist Matt Donnelly and bassist Tom Doyle - have become one of rock’s most diverse and charismatic bands.

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