Escape-ism 'The Lost Record' ltd coloured vinyl LP

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Escape-ism - The Lost Record.JPG
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Escape-ism 'The Lost Record' ltd coloured vinyl LP


Escape-ism - ‘The Lost Record’ limited clear swirl vinyl LP with full album download code included.

Limited to 1500.

This clear vinyl edition is exclusively available from indie stores like us.

Please note that we will only sell 1 copy per customer/household on this release, multiple orders will be cancelled.

Tracklisting -

Side A

The Lost Record

Nothing Personal

I’m a Lover (at Close Range)

(I’m Gonna) Bite the Hand That Feeds


The Feeling’s Mutual.

Side B

I Don’t Know Where Those Words Have Been



You Darken My Night

Alphabet’s Gotta Be Changed

Rome Wasn’t Burnt in a Day

What Sign (Was Frankenstein?)

The Lost Record is a classic, destined to bewitch the minds, hearts, and dancing shoes of any rock ’n’ roll fan who happens to discover it, for as long as such creatures exist.

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