Ethers 'Ethers' LP

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Ethers - Ethers   tim136.jpg
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Ethers 'Ethers' LP


Ethers - ‘Ethers’ black vinyl LP on the Trouble In Mind label.

Tracklisting -

1. Empty Hours

2. Running Through The Night

3. Rip Off

4. Nature’s Revenge

5. Emily

6. Carry What You Kill

7. Patient Life

8. Past My Prime

9. Party Girls vs. the War Department

10. CBD

11. Modern Dating

12. Something

A self-described "bad time band", Chicago group Ethers' debut consists of twelve songs of ragged, soulful rock and roll; heavy on hooks, with stark arrangements and sticky melodies that hang with an unexpected resonance. Instant earworms like opener "Empty Hours", "Rip Off" and "Modern Dating" recall bands like soulful punks Royal Headache or Asheville troubadours Reigning Sound, while third quarter-album high point "CBD" rages with nervous energy like a long-lost Feelies "Crazy Rhythms" outtake.

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