The Durutti Column 'Without Mercy' 2LP

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The Durutti Column 'Without Mercy' 2LP


The Durutti Column - 'Without Mercy' double vinyl LP reissue in a handmade cairn board gatefold sleeve featuring letterpress typography, liner note insert, and tipped sheets front and back featuring L’Etang de Trivaux by Henri Matisse (1916/17)

Tracklisting -

A1. Without Mercy I

B1. Without Mercy II

C1. All That Love and Maths Can Do

C2. Duet

C3. Estoril a Noite

C4. Favourite Descending Intervals

C5. A Little Mercy

D1. Mercy Theme (live LSE 1984)

D2. A Little Mercy (live LSE 1984)

D3. Mercy Dance (live LSE 1984)

The bonus tracks on Disc 2 include the original recordings of Duet, Estoril a Noite and Favourite Descending Intervals (all re-worked for inclusion on Without Mercy), as well as companion instrumental All That Love and Maths Can Do, and 3 extracts from Without Mercy recorded live at the London School of Economics in December 1984.

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