Cullen Omori 'The Diet' ltd purple vinyl LP


Cullen Omori 'The Diet' ltd purple vinyl LP


Cullen Omori - 'The Diet' limited purple coloured vinyl LP with full album download code.

This ‘loser’ edition is exclusively available from indie stores like us.

Please note that we will only sell 1 copy per customer/household on this release, multiple orders will be cancelled.

Tracklisting -

1. Four Years

2. Borderline Friends

3. All By Yourself

4. Happiness Reigns

5. Master Eyes

6. Quiet Girl

7. Black Rainbow

8. Natural Woman

9. Millennial Geishas

10. Last Line

11. Queen

12. A Real You

The Diet is a powerful modern indie-rock album that is buoyed by warped, analog pedals/transistors and tailor-made guitar tones. Omori's winsome vocals crisscross 70’s art rock and classic songwriting all within the span of 40 minutes.

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