Phantastic Ferniture 'Phantastic Ferniture' pink vinyl LP

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Phantastic Ferniture 'Phantastic Ferniture' pink vinyl LP


Phantastic Ferniture - 'Phantastic Ferniture' pink coloured vinyl LP.

Tracklisting -

1. Uncomfortable Teenager

2. Bad Timing

3. Fuckin 'N’ Rollin

4. Gap Year

5. Take It Off

6. Parks

7. I Need It

8. Dark Corner Dance Floor

9. Mummy y Pappa

Phantastic Ferniture, the project of Julia Jacklin, Elizabeth Hughes, Ryan K Brennan and Tom Stephens, have announced a debut self-titled album to be released July 27 on Transgressive.

The mission is obvious: Don’t overthink it. These artists' shared want to shake the shackles of their meticulously crafted solo work to experience a second, giddy adolescence is evident in the garage-pop perfection introduced today.

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