Porter Ray 'Watercolor' limited clear double vinyl LP

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Porter Ray 'Watercolor' limited clear double vinyl LP


Porter Ray - 'Watercolor' limited edition clear double vinyl LP with full album download code.

This clear double vinyl LP is limited to just 1000 copies in the UK and is only available to purchase from independent stores such as ourselves.

Tracklisting -

1. Waves

2. East Seattle

3. Bulletproof Windows Ft. Nate Jack

4. Past Life Ft. Cashtro + Black

5. Everybody [Interlude] Ft. Fly Guy Dai [Shabazz Palaces] 

6. The Mirror Between Us Ft. JD + JusMoni 

7. Sacred Geometry Ft. Cashtro + The Palaceer

8. Arithmetic Ft. Infinite + Stas Thee Boss

9. Navi Truck

10. Lightro [Looking for the Light]

11. Dissolving in a Daydream

12. My Mother’s Words Ft. Debra Sullivan

13. Beautiful Ft. Aslan T. Rife + The Palaceer

14. Sacred Geometry [CONSTELLTION MIX] Ft. Cashtro + The Palaceer

15. Vanilla Coke

16. Sacred Geometry [Instrumental]

17. Brothers [Instrumental]

18. Arithmetic [Instrumental]

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