Farai 'Rebirth' LP

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Farai 'Rebirth' LP


Farai - ‘Rebirth’ vinyl LP.

Tracklisting -

A1. Cray Cray

A2. Lizzy

A3. Punk Champagne (feat. TONE)

A4. Social Butterflies

A5. Talula

A6. This Is England

A7. National Gangsters

B1. Love Disease

B2. Secret Gardens

B3. Space Is A Place (feat. Chris Calderwood)

B4. Radiant Child

Farai’s debut album (a collaborative project between London based vocalist Farai and artist, musician & producer TONE) documents a process of recovery. For Farai, music has always been personal. Her lyrics are coloured by the different cities she’s lived in, and how that series of different homes has shaped her perspective

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