Forth Wanderers 'Forth Wanderers' limited orange vinyl LP

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Forth Wanderers 'Forth Wanderers' limited orange vinyl LP


Forth Wanderers – 'Forth Wanderers' limited orange coloured vinyl LP.

This orange vinyl edition is exclusively available from indie stores like us.

Tracklisting -

1. Nevermine
2. Company
3. Ages Ago
4. Taste
5. Not For Me
6. Be My Baby
7. New Face
8. Saunter
9. Tired Games
10. Temporary

Forth Wanderers employ a tin-can-telephone style of composition which they use even when living in the same area code. Since first collaborating in 2013 as Montclair, New Jersey high schoolers, guitarist and songwriter Ben Guterl and vocalist Ava Trilling have passed songs back and forth like pen pals. Guterl will devise an instrumental skeleton before sending it to vocalist Ava Trilling who pens the lyrics based off the melody. The duo then gather alongside guitarist Duke Greene, bassist Noah Schifrin, and drummer Zach Lorelli to expand upon the demo. It’s a patient and practiced writing system that has carried the quintet through two EPs (2013’s Mahogany and 2016’s Slop) and one LP (2014’s Tough Love). Forth Wanderers, the group’s sophomore record and Sub Pop debut, is the groups’ most comprehensive and assured statement yet.

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