Fucked Up 'Dose Your Dreams' 2LP

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Fucked Up 'Dose Your Dreams' 2LP


Fucked Up - ‘Dose Your Dreams’ double vinyl with newsprint poster and full album download code.

Tracklisting -

Side A

1. None of Your Business Man

2. Raise Your Voice Joyce

3. Tell Me What You See

4. Normal People

Side B

5. Torch to Light

6. Talking Pictures

7. House of Keys

8. Dose Your Dreams

Side C

9. Living in a Simulation

10. I Don’t Wanna Live in This World Anymore

11. How to Die Happy

12. Two I’s Closed

13. The One I Want Will Come for Me

Side D

14. Mechanical Bull

15. Accelerate

16. Came Down Wrong

17. Love Is an Island in the Sea

18. Joy Stops Time

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