Goatman 'Rhythms' LP

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Goatman 'Rhythms' LP


Goatman (of ‘GOAT’) - ‘Rhythms’ black vinyl LP.

Tracklisting -

01 Jaam Ak Salam

02 Hum Bebass Nahin

03 Limelight

04 Carry The Load

05 Aduna

06 Baaneexu

'Rhythms' is the debut album by Goatman, a new solo project by one of the mysterious members from the Swedish collective GOAT.

Recorded in GOAT’s northern Swedish home town of Korpilombolo In late 2017 - the 6 tracks on Rhythms reveal a true collision of African Rock, Jazz, Reggae, Gospel and Psych, but all put through the famous GOAT filters.

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