The Fall 'This Nation's Saving Grace' LP reissue


The Fall 'This Nation's Saving Grace' LP reissue


The Fall - 'This Nation's Saving Grace' vinyl LP reissue.

Tracklisting -

Side 1 -
1. Mansion
2. Bombast
3. Barmy
4. What You Need
5. Spoilt Victorian Child
6. L.A.
Side 2 -
1. Gut Of The Quanytifier
2. My New House
3. Paintwork
4. I Am Damo Suzuki
5. To NKroachment: Yarbles

Originally released in 1985, their eighth album is one of The Fall’s most loved releases and is often hailed as one of the greatest albums of the 1980s. Drawing from the well of primal rock ‘n’ roll, the band play with muscular spontaneity and inspiration to create music that still sounds unique and challenging, especially against today’s anodyne imitations of rock and ‘guitar music’. This LP has also been mastered from HD files.

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