Hey Colossus 'Happy Birthday' LP reissue


Hey Colossus 'Happy Birthday' LP reissue


Hey Colossus - 'Happy Birthday' limited black vinyl LP reissue with full album download code.

First time on vinyl and a worldwide pressing of just 400 copies!.

Tracklisting -

Side A - 
1. War Crows
2. Tight Collar
3. Are Nice Men
4. Fire Up The Tambourine
Side B - 
1. Are Coming To Kill You All
2. Permanent Vacation Part 1
3. Permanent Vacation Part 2
4. Overlord Rapture In Vines Part 9

In Their Own Words … ‘Happy Birthday’ was Hey Colossus’s 4th album, and it was originally released by Riot Season back in 2008 on CD only.

The album marked the beginning of chapter two for the band, it was the first for Riot Season, the first where the wings were spread and the band took flight. Total noise rock, 100% out there sounds. The band was a 5 piece at the time and had just completed a tour of Spain that was riddled with ups and downs but mainly full of future talk.

Having done three albums on their own label the main topic was what next? 'You gotta keep moving' is the bands mantra, still is to this day - check the three recent records on Rocket Recordings and compare them to the first records.

It was time to move away from conventional song writing and screw with the heads.

‘Happy Birthday’ was recorded in Dropout, South London. The only label they sent it too was Riot Season as Mainliner, Shit And Shine and Circle were doing stuff with them at that time. Riot Season said YES so the CD was released. It was the beginning of the NOISE ROCK TRILOGY (HA-HA!) all on Riot Season, ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Eurogrumble Vol 1’ and ‘RRR’.

Now, nine years later it’s finally time for the vinyl version. No tweaks. No new mastering bullshit. Nothing different. Same songs, on a slab of classic black vinyl.

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