Hype Williams 'Rainbow Edition' LP


Hype Williams 'Rainbow Edition' LP


Hype Williama - 'Rainbow Edition' 180g vinyl LP with full album download code.

Tracklisting -

A1. Madting

A2. Loud Challenge

A3. The Whole Lay

A4. Baby Blu

A5. Smokebox

A6. Rumor Report

A7. Puredamage

A8. Leimert

A9. #Blackcardsmatter

B1. Sadting

B2. Ask Yee

B3. This Is Mister Bigg. How You Doing Mister Bigg

B4. The Den

B5. Cockblocker Blues

B6. Sweet Chin Musik

B7. Pretty Young Ting

B8. Percy

B9. Spinderella’s Dream

B10. Situations

B11. Kandy

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