Japan 'Gentlemen Take Polaroids' LP reissue

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Japan 'Gentlemen Take Polaroids' LP reissue


Japan - 'Gentlemen Take Polaroids' 180g vinyl LP reissue.

Tracklisting -

1. Gentlemen Take Polaroids

2. Swing

3. Burning Bridges

4. My New Career

5. Methods of Dance

6. Ain't That Peculiar

7. Nightporter

8. Taking Islands In Africa

A Half Speed Mastered edition of Japan's fourth album from 1980. Mastered by Miles Showell at Abbey Road. Features the single "Gentlemen Take Polaroids". This record was cut using a specialist technique known as half-speed mastering.

This artisan process results in cuts that have superior high frequency response (treble) and solid and stable stereo images.

In short, a very high quality master that helps to create a very high quality record.

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