Jon Hopkins 'Opalescent' 2LP reissue

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Jon Hopkins 'Opalescent' 2LP reissue


Jon Hopkins - 'Opalescent' double vinyl LP reissue.

Tracklisting -

1. Elegiac
2. Private Universe
3. Halycon
4. Opalescent
5. Lost In Thought
6. Fading Glow

1. Apparition
2. Inner Peace
3. Cerulean
4. Grace
5. Cold Out There
6. Afterlife

Opalescent, the debut album from Mercury Music Prize and Ivor Novello award nominated artist Jon Hopkins has been remastered and reissued for the first time on vinyl for its 15 year Anniversary in a special edition 2 LP gatefold with liner notes.

Opalescent was originally released in 2001 when Jon was 20 and just signed to ambient label Just Music, yet today it still sounds so distinctive, musically and emotionally complex.

It is in the contradictions between beauty and bass, gentleness and volume, ecstasy and elegy, that Opalescent derives its enduring otherness.

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