Lonnie Holley 'Mith' black vinyl 2LP

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Lonnie Holley 'Mith' black vinyl 2LP


Lonnie Holley - ‘Mith’ black double vinyl in gatefold jacket.

Tracklisting -

1. I’m a Suspect

2. Back for Me

3. How Far Is Spaced-Out?

4. I Snuck Off The Slave Ship

5. I Woke Up in a Fucked-Up America

6. Copying the Rock

7. Coming Back (From the Distance

8. There Was Always Water

9. Down in the Ghostness of Darkness

10. Sometimes I Wanna Dance

MITH was recorded over five years in locations such as Porto, Portugal; Cottage Grove, Oregon; New York City and Holley’s adopted hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. These 10 songs feature contributions from fellow cosmic musician Laraaji, jazz duo Nelson Patton, visionary producer Richard Swift, saxophonist Sam Gendel and producer/musician Shahzad Ismaily.

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