J Mascis 'Elastic Days' coloured vinyl LP


J Mascis 'Elastic Days' coloured vinyl LP


J Mascis - ‘Elastic Days’ clear with purple swirl ‘Loser’ edition vinyl LP.

This ‘Loser’ edition is exclusively available from indie stores like us.

Tracklisting -

1. See You At The Movies

2. Web So Dense

3. I Went Dust

4. Sky Is All We Had

5. Picking Out The Seeds

6. Give If Off

7. Drop Me

8. Cut Stranger

9. Elastic Days

10. Sometimes

11. Wanted You Around

12. Everything She Said

There is plenty of drumming on the dozen songs on Elastic Days. But for those expecting the hallucinatory overload of Dinosaur Jr's live attack, the gentleness of the approach here will draw easy comparisons to Neil Young's binary approach to working solo versus working with Crazy Horse.

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