Late Of The Pier 'Fantasy Black Channel' standard LP reissue


Late Of The Pier 'Fantasy Black Channel' standard LP reissue


Late Of The Pier - ‘Fantasy Black Channel’ standard heavyweight vinyl LP reissue with download code of outtakes and unreleased demos.

Tracklisting -


A1. Hot Tent Blues

A2. Broken

A3. Space and the Woods

A4. The Bears Are Coming

A5. Random Firl

A6. Heartbeat

B1. White Snake

B2. VW

B3. Focker

B4. The Enemy Are The Future

B5. Mad Dogs and Englishmen

B6. Bathroom Gurgle

B7. No Time

Digital bonus of rare demos and oddities.

1. Broken Fairy Lights (Zarcorp Demo 2006)

2. Heartbeat Flicker Line (2007 Newcastle Demo)

3. Random Firl (Refill Men Twist Demo 2005)

4. Focker (Radio 1 Live 2009)

5. The Bears Are Coming (Zarcorp Demo 2006)

6. Space And The Woods (Zarcorp Demo 2006)

7. VW (2007 Newcastle Demo)

8. The Enemy Is The Dub (2007 Demo)

9. Focker SH-09 Version (Refill Men Twist Demo 2005)

10. A Thousand Years Ago (2005 Live Intro)

11. Bathroom Gurgle (Zarcorp Demo 2006)

12. Mad Dogs And Englishmen (Refill Men Twist Demo 2005)

13. heartbeat.flicker.line (Refill Men Twist Demo 2005)

14. Dose A (Refill Men Twist Demo 2005)

15. Space And The Woods (Refill Men Twist Demo 2005)

16. Sober Up, John (Refill Men Twist Demo 2005)

17. Heartbeat (Radio 1 Live 2009)

18. No Time (Refill Men Twist Demo 2005)

19. Circular (Refill Men Twist Demo 2005)

20. Heartclip (2006 MySpace Teaser)

21. Piss Hands (2006)

22. Spaceclip (2006 MySpace Teaser)

23. Space And The Woods (Erol Alkan 12” Vinyl Mix)

24. Baguettes By Sam (Refill Men Twist Demo 2005)

25. Swindon Superb Sexuelle (2008 Tour Announcement)

26. Kolumbine (2005)

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