Martha 'Love Keeps Kicking' blood red vinyl LP

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Martha 'Love Keeps Kicking' blood red vinyl LP


Martha - ‘Love Keeps Kicking’ blood red coloured vinyl LP.

Tracklisting -

1. Heart is Healing

2. Sight for Sore Eyes

3. Into This

4. Wrestlemania VIII

5. Mini Was a Preteen Arsonist

6. Love Keeps Kicking

7. Brutalism by the River (Arrhythmia)

8. Orange Juice

9. The Void

10. Lucy Shone a Light on You

11. The Only Letter That You Kept

From their sudden and deliberate first chord on Love Keeps Kicking, beloved British punk collective Martha announce their intent to kick back. Across 11 tracks, these daughters and sons of Pity Me, England, show that, while our world might be in spiral, there is still plenty worth fighting for.

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