Mind Over Mirrors 'Bellowing Sun' 2LP


Mind Over Mirrors 'Bellowing Sun' 2LP


Mind Over Mirrors - 'Bellowing Sun' 140g virgin vinyl double LP in gatefold sleeve with full album download code.

Tracklisting -

A1. Feeding on the Flats
A2. Matchstick Grip
A3. A Palinopsic Wind
B1. Zeitgebers
B2. Lanterns on the Beach
B3. Vermillion Pink
C1. Halfway to the Zenith
C2. Oculate Beings
C3. Talking Knots
D1. Twenty-One Falls
D2. Acrophasing
D3. Pause to Wonder

A twelve-faceted sonic inquiry into celestial cycles and the illuminating nature of darkness, Bellowing Sun is the majestic culmination of composer, harmoniumist, and synthesist Jaime Fennelly’s immersive explorations of the natural world’s sensory dimensions and the dialogues between musical traditions—acoustic and electronic, vernacular and avant-garde. Commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago for its world premiere performance, and recorded and mixed by Fennelly with John McEntire (Tortoise), it features Janet Beveridge Bean (Freakwater), Jim Becker (Iron and Wine), and Jon Mueller (Death Blues).

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