Mt. Desolation 'When The Night Calls' LP


Mt. Desolation 'When The Night Calls' LP


Mt. Desolation - 'When The Night Calls' vinyl LP.

Tracklisting -

1. By The River
2. Someday, Somehow
3. Control
4. How To Fly
5. Valentine
6. Distraction
7. The Moon Was Down
8. On Your Way
9. Release Me Girl
10. When The Night Calls
11. After You’re Gone

Mt. Desolation, the long-standing project of Keane’s Tim Rice Oxley and Jesse Quin, are very pleased to announce details of their second album. When The Night Calls is released on the 25 th May through Island Records. It was recorded at Sea Fog Studios in Sussex and Old Jet in Suffolk, and produced by the band.
Eight years since the release of the eponymous debut album, Tim and Jesse return with When The Night Calls a darker, more brooding affair than its Americana tinged predecessor, and something far more personal. The lyrical thread which runs through When The Night Calls is a loss of freedom, and that nagging self-doubt that establishes itself at a point where one is expected to simply grow-up and face responsibilities.

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