Nick Mason 'Unattended Luggage' 3LP box set

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Nick Mason 'Unattended Luggage' 3LP box set


Nick Mason - 'Unattended Luggage' triple vinyl LP box set, including:

  • ‘Fictitious Sports’

  • ‘Profiles’ (with Rick Fenn)

  • ‘White of the Eye’ Original Soundtrack (with Rick Fenn)

Tracklisting -

LP1: Fictitious Sports

A1. Can't Get My Motor to Start

A2. I Was Wrong

A3. Siam

A4. Hot River

B1. Boo To You Too

B2. Do Ya?

B3. Wervin'

B4. I'm a Mineralist

LP2: Profiles

A1. Malta

A2. Lie for a Lie

A3. Rhoda

A4. Profiles Part 1/Profiles Part 2

B1. Israel

B2. And the Address

B3. Mumbo Jumbo

B4. Zip Code

B5. Black Ice

B6. At the End of the Day

B7. Profiles Part 3

LP3: White of the Eye Original Soundtrack

1. Goldwaters

2. Remember Mike

3. Where Are You Joany?

4. Dry Junk

5. Present

6. The Thrift Store

7. Ritual

8. Globe

9. Discovery & Recoil

10. Anne Mason

11. Mendoza

12. World of Appearances

13. Sacrifice Dance

14. White of the Eye

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