Teenage Fanclub 'Howdy!' ltd LP + 7''


Teenage Fanclub 'Howdy!' ltd LP + 7''


Teenage Fanclub - 'Howdy!' 180g vinyl LP reissue with bonus 7’’.

Re-mastered for the first time from the original tapes.

Bonus 7’’ limited to the initial pressing of the album.

Tracklisting -


1. I Need Direction

2. I Can’t Find My Way Home

3. Accidental Life

4. Near You

5. Happiness

6. Dumb Dumb Dumb

7. The Town And The City

8. The Sun Shines From You

9. Straight And Narrow

10. Cul De Sac

11. My Uptight Life

12. If I Never See You Again


1. Thaw Me – ‘Dumb Dumb Dumb’ b-side, first time on vinyl

2. One Thousand Lights – ‘Dumb Dumb Dumb’ bside, first time on vinyl

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