Beach Baby 'No Mind No Money' LP

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Beach Baby 'No Mind No Money' LP


Beach Baby - 'No Mind No Money' vinyl LP on Island Records.

Tracklisting -

1. Limousine
2. Lost Soul
3. No Mind No Money
4. Sleeperhead
5. Smoke Won't Get Me High
6. Hot Weather
7. Ladybird
8. UR
9. Bug Eyed & Blonde
10. Powder Baby
11. How Lucky You Are

Captured vividly across ‘No Mind No Money’, London four-piece Beach Baby have built up a tightly-sealed, vaguely surreal world of their own. Beach Baby’s touchstones have now evolved to include seminal acts on both sides of the Atlantic –from Parquet Courts and Mac DeMarco to Ariel Pink and cult lo-fi artist Cleaners From Venus. They each supported themselves throughout this creatively-intense period with make-ends-meet jobs, which included working in burger joints, ‘charity muggers', and - in perhaps the oddest of odd jobs - working as a script reader for production companies like Icon. The aptly-titled ‘No Mind No Money’ touches frequently on those less-glamorous uncertainties of post-campus life: apathy, escapism, and the distance between your own future and the iconic bands or movies you grew up on.

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