Bears Den 'So You Might Hear' LP

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Bears Den 'So You Might Hear' LP


Bears Den - ‘So You Might Hear’ heavyweight black vinyl LP.

Tracklisting -

Side 1

1. Hiding Bottles

2. Fossils

3. Fuel On The Fire

4. Breaker / Keeper

5. Not Every River

Side 2

1. Laurel Wreath

2. Crow

3. Conversations With Ghosts

4. Evangeline

5. Blankets Of Sorrow

A need for connection lies at the heart of the band’s third album.reached. With the band beloved by their fans for the way their songs have woven themselves into the fabric of some of the most bittersweet chapters of their lives, ‘So that you might hear me’ continues in that vein, pairing soaring melodies with poignant and at times unsettlingly personal lyricism.

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