James Brown 'Live At The Apollo Vol.2' half speed master 3LP reissue

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James Brown 'Live At The Apollo Vol.2' half speed master 3LP reissue


James Brown - 'Live At The Apollo Vol.2' 180g triple vinyl LP.

This is a half speed master reissue, mastered at Abbey Road studios.

Tracklisting -

Side 1 -

1. Introduction to the James Brown Show (MC Frankie Crocker)
2. Think (Duet with Marva Whitney)
3. I Wanna Be Around
4. James Brown Thanks
5. That's Life
6. Kansas City
7. Sweet Soul Music

Side 2 -

1. It's A Man's Man's World

Side 3 -

1. Caravan (The James Brown Band feat. the J.B. Dancers)
2. Introduction to Star Time (MC Frankie Crocker and Sad Sam)
3. Money Won't Change You / Out Of Sight
4. Bring It Up
5. Try Me

Side 4 -

1. Let Yourself Go
2. There Was A Time
3. I Feel All Right

Side 5 -

1. Cold Sweat
2. Prisoner Of Love

Side 6 -

1. My Girl (Instrumental Interlude)
2. Maybe The Last Time
3. I Got You (I Feel Good)
4. Please, Please, Please
5. Bring It Up (Finale)

This release will offer a superior vinyl experience with Half Speed Mastering from Abbey Road. It has been exclusively re-mastered at Half Speed to bring you a new level of depth and clarity.

This limited edition range, all pressed on 180gm vinyl, come in deluxe packaging which also includes a digital download voucher.  

The album was cut from high-resolution digital transfers from the best known analogue tapes by Abbey Road mastering engineer Miles Showell, one of the foremost practitioners of this artisan process in the world today. Only minimal sympathetic equalisation was applied to the transfers to keep everything as pure as possible. Also, as these are vinyl-only releases, Miles did not apply any digital limiting. This is added to almost all digital releases to make them appear to be loud and is responsible for the so-called “loudness war” and in almost every case is anything but natural and pure sounding.

What is ‘Half-Speed Mastering’?

This is an elaborate process whereby the source is played back at half it’s normal speed and the turntable on the disc cutting lathe is running at 16 2/3 R.P.M. Because both the source and the cut were running at half their “normal” speeds everything plays back at the right speed when the record is played at home.

What are the advantages of Half-Speed Mastering?

The vinyl L.P. is an analogue sound carrier. Therefore the size and shape of the groove carrying the music is directly related to whatever the music is doing at any particular point. By reducing the speed by a factor of two the recording stylus has twice as long to carve the intricate groove into the master lacquer. Also, any difficult to cut high-frequency information becomes fairly easy to cut mid-range. The result is a record that is capable of extremely clean and un-forced high-frequency response as well as a detailed and solid stereo image.

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