Kate Bush 'Remastered In Vinyl 3' box set

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Kate Bush 'Remastered In Vinyl 3' box set


Kate Bush - ‘Remastered In Vinyl 3’ box set includes:

  • Aerial

  • Director’s Cut

  • 50 Words For Snow

Tracklisting -


1. A Sea Of Honey

2. King Of The Mountain

3. Bertie

4. Mrs. Bartolozzi

5. How To Be Invisible

6. Joanni

7. A Coral Room

8. Prelude9. Prologue

10. An Architect's Dream

11. The Painter's Link

12. Sunset

13. Aerial Tal

14. Somewhere In Between

15. Nocturn

16. Aerial


1. Flower Of The Mountain

2. Song Of Solomon

3. Lily

4. Deeper Understanding

5. The Red Shoes

6. This Woman's Work

7. Moments Of Pleasure

8. Never Be Mine

9. Top Of The City

10. And So Is Love

11. Rubberband Girl


1. Snowflake

2. Lake Tahoe

3. Misty

4. Wild Man

5. Snowed In At Wheeler Street

6. 50 Words For Snow

7. Among Angels

Kate will release remastered versions of her album catalogue on vinyl in November. This is the first (and definitive) programme of remastering and includes the release of many rarities and cover versions on vinyl for the first time.

The albums, many of which have been unavailable on vinyl for a decade, have been remastered by Kate and James Guthrie. Kate’s 10 studio albums are spread over 3 vinyl boxes, whilst the 4th box contains many rarities previously unavailable on vinyl, including a whole disc of cover versions.

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