Marc Bolan 'The Warlock Of Love: 50th Anniversary' Book + CD

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Marc Bolan 'The Warlock Of Love: 50th Anniversary' Book + CD


Marc Bolan - ‘The Warlock Of Love: 50th Anniversary’ Book & CD set.

Tracklisting -

1. Eastern Spell

2. Cat Black

3. Chariots of Silk

4. Conesuala

Plus the untitled poem recital.

Marc Bolan issued a book of his poetry (the only book ever issued in his lifetime) in 1969 to great critical acclaim and very successful sales over the following 2-3 years while it was in print. With the exception of a boutique print run by the fan club in 1992, The Warlock of Love has been unavailable since the mid-seventies and is now issued again on its 50th Anniversary in an exact replica of its original version with cover art and print painstakingly restored.

Warlock of Love contains 57 poems written in the 60’s and all except two are untitled. The book comes with a dust jacket and has the same dimensions as the original 1969 copy. These copies include a 4 track CD EP of rare versions of songs from that time period including Marc reciting one of the poems in the book, all taken from Marc’s own personal tapes.

By April 1969 Marc had issued two LPs with Steve Peregrine -Took as Tyrannosaurus Rex and legendary DJ John Peel was one of their biggest fans. Peel had invited the band into Radio 1 to perform numerous sessions and regularly played singles such as the recently issued “Pewter Suitor“, or “Deborah” & “One-Inch Rock“ issued the previous year. The album ‘Unicorn’ would be released a month after Warlock of Love with live performances at London’s prestigious Lyceum Ballroom and Queen Elizabeth Hall as well as a 20-date regional tour of the UK & Scandinavia packed into a busy 6-month period. Original copies of Warlock of Love are currently selling for anything between £150 to £600 depending on condition.

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