Sophie Ellis Bextor 'The Song Diaries' 2LP

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Sophie Ellis Bextor 'The Song Diaries' 2LP


Sophie Ellis Bextor - ‘The Song Diaries’ double 180g vinyl LP with full album download code.

Tracklisting -

1. GrooveJet (Orchestral Version)

2. Take Me Home (Orchestral Version)

3. Murder On The Dancefloor (Orchestral Version)

4. Move This Mountain (Orchestral Version)

5. Music Gets The Best of Me (Orchestral Version)

6. Mixed Up World (Orchestral Version)

7. Catch You (Orchestral Version)

8. Me and My Imagination (Orchestral Version)

9. Today The Sun’s On Us (Orchestral Version)

10. Heartbreak (Make Me a Dancer) (Orchestral Version)

11. Bittersweet (Orchestral Version)

12. Not Giving Up On Love (Orchestral Version)

13. Young Blood (Orchestral Version)

14. Love Is a Camera (Orchestral Version)

15. Wild Forever (Orchestral Version)

15 MARCH 2019

16. A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed (Orchestral Version) (Bonus Track)

17. Love Is You (Bonus Track)

18. Take Me Home (Orchestral Disco Version) (Bonus Track)

19. Murder On The Dancefloor (Orchestral Disco Version) (Bonus Track)

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