The Bevis Frond 'The Auntie Winnie Album' purple 2LP


The Bevis Frond 'The Auntie Winnie Album' purple 2LP


The Bevis Frond - 'The Auntie Winnie Album' purple vinyl 2LP, with full album download code.

The bevis frond have successfully traversed the ‘traditional’ side of songwriting to produce a prolific and un-comparable body of genuinely beautiful, yet genre baiting songs that are hard to ignore" louder than war.

Released on 12" purple coloured vinyl for record store day 2017, ‘the auntie winnie album’ will be reissued for record store day alongside ‘bevis through the looking glass’ and ‘triptych’ as part of the band’s 30th anniversary. initially released in 1988, the companion piece to ‘bevis through the looking glass’ comprises of unreleased material from the woronzow archives. the last of his earlier releases that sees the influential multi-instrumentalist nick saloman perform solo throughout. a labour of love and fiercely independent, his prolific output has seen as many releases in as many years and an uncompromising vision under his own label woronzow. hailed as “a hendrix devotee every bit as tough and contemporary as the serrated guitar chorales of sonic youth and pixies" by rolling stone’s david fricke, his immense psych-stoner-rock has seen him become a cult figure in his own right. the bevis frond’s legion of loyal fans includes teenage fanclub, dinosaur jr and mary lou lord, who have all covered his music. 1000 only


  1. malvolio's dream journey to pikes
  2. foreign laugh
  3. down again
  4. will to lose
  5. repressor
  6. winter's blues
  7. the miz-maze
  8. close
  9. without mind
  10. city of the sun
  11. traction
  12. long day
  13. twice torn, once forgotten
  14. spa hotel
  15. visions through dilated eyes
  16. african violet
  17. hillview
  18. automatic bomb virgins
  19. possession
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